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I translate neuroscience research into simple, actionable strategies you can apply to your life and work.

Who am I?

I’m Dr Sarah McKay. I’m an Oxford University-educated PhD neuroscientist, science writer, TEDx speaker, and Founder of The Neuroscience Academy.

I’ve distilled 22 years of learning, research, teaching, and writing about the mind and brain into this blog and my online programs.

My calling, my ‘why’ in life, is to move neuroscience out of the lab and the research journal and translate it into tools, language and stories you can use to promote health, happiness, and resilience.

Why are you here?

Perhaps you’re a health or wellness practitioner, parent, teacher, a regular Joe or Jill, curious about the brain, the role it plays in our day-to-day life, health and wellbeing, and personal growth.

Join me and explore concepts from brain science that will help you and your clients, patients, students and loved ones flourish, accomplish great things, reach goals and take steps towards living healthy, creative and fulfilling lives.

Discover neuroscience. Explore the brain. Understand your mind.


Featured in TEDx.

Watch Sarah discuss her ‘brain hack’ to enhance memory, spark creativity and regulate emotion: ‘Indulge Your Neurobiology’.

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