Neuroscience Academy


The Neuroscience Academy is a 10-week, accredited, professional-development program in applied neuroscience and brain health.

  • Created exclusively for professionals working in the health, wellness and coaching industries.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to apply brain science and neuroplasticity to your life and work.
  • Simple, actionable, and grounded in latest research and evidence-based medicine.

Students graduate with The Neuroscience Academy Certificate of completion which can be used for professional development (CPD, CME, CCE) credits.

Curriculum, Graduate Testimonials, Enrolment and Fee details and other FAQs can be found at The Neuroscience Academy.

The next 10-week course will run from March 18th – May 24th 2019.

Enrolment for the session will take place March 4th – 15th 2019.

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Dr Sarah McKay is the real deal.  There are many people who have jumped on the ‘brain bandwagon’ without any formal qualifications in neuroscience. Not only does Sarah have the academic quals, having completed her PhD at Oxford University, she has that rare strength of being able to translate science into everyday practice. Sarah’s sessions focus not only on boosting brain-power but aim to help people live their best lives. I can’t recommend Sarah too highly.

Dr Suzy Green
The Positivity Institute

Dr. McKay is a vivacious and entertaining guide into the fascinating world of brain science. With an obvious passion to share what she has learned as an experienced and credentialed expert, she leads us on a very accessible journey into the complex world of what makes us tick. Using insightful and engaging presentations, with rich and varied reference materials to further explore, Dr. McKay shows us how the mind and body are intimately intertwined. This not not your ‘father’s neuroscience course’ — a dry, didactic review of academic studies — but an integrated program of easy-to-understand, useful information designed to improve our lives and those of our clients.

John Mekrut
The Balanced Brain

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