Free e-course – Principles of Neuroscience Masterclass

Neuroscience Masterclass

Health or wellness professional or coach?  This neuroscience Masterclass is for YOU!

What has the brain got to do with coaching?

Join my FREE Principles of Neuroscience for Coaches Master Class and I’ll reveal the answer!

In this e-course you’ll discover and integrate insights from neuroscience to your life and your work for happiness, fulfilment, and wellbeing, for you and your clients.

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As a coach you’ll be familiar with concepts such as emotion, mindfulness, focus, habit, creativity, insight, wisdom, resilience, decision-making, goal-setting, and self-belief ….

I believe that neuroscience and neuroplasticity are the threads that tie these fundamental concepts together.

I’ve designed this 10-day Master Class to give you the scientific foundation for the art and wisdom of what you already practise.

I believe coaching and wellness are about to experience a paradigm shift – and neuroscience is at the centre of that shift.

Over 10 days, emails will be sent to your inbox, one bite-size lesson at a time. You’ll be able to digest each of short lessons, and begin to consider how to apply principles of neuroscience to your coaching or wellness practice.

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  1. Sounds like a great program! I use the cognitive behavioural approach with my clients who struggle with emotional and compulsive eating and I really see how powerful it is..transform our thoughts change our lives! Love what you are sharing- thanks for your work!

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