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Discover and use brain science in your life and work.

The Neuroscience Academy is my 8-week, online, brain science and wellness education program that is:

  1. Created exclusively for professionals working in the health, wellness and coaching industries.
  2. A step-by-step blueprint on how to apply brain science and neuroplasticity to your life and work.
  3. Simple, actionable, grounded in neuroscience, and taught by yours truly!

All the details you need including a curriculum outline can be found over at The Neuroscience Academy.

You can also pre-register for September 2016 classes today.


 Speaking & Workshops

My TEDx talk, Indulge Your Neurobiology
My TEDx talk, Indulge Your Neurobiology

At the heart of what I do is to tell impeccably-researched evidence-based stories in a straightforward and compelling way.

Because I made the big leap from a traditional academic career to running my business as a science writer, I’m often invited to speak about ‘alternative’ career paths for scientists and PhD students.

Talk to me about how I can tailor my workshop or talk to your particular audience and desired outcomes.

TEDx – Indulge Your Neurobiology. My TEDxNorthernSydneyInstitute talk ‘Indulge Your Neurobiology’ … in which I share my brain hack to improve memory, spark creativity and regulate emotions (no app, course or guru required!).

SBS Insight. Is your health all in your head? You can catch me talking about the neurobiology of placebos via the SBSInsight replay site or on YouTube (I’m speaking at 12 mins, 42 mins and 48 mins).

Neural Knitworks – craft a healthy brain. View a recent talk I gave to a Neural Knitworks ‘knit in’ on the benefits of knitting to brain health.

Life After A PhD’ – Talk to Garvan Medical Research InstituteClick the link below to view a talk in 2013 to PhD students on my journey from scientist to science writing to creating this blog!

Your Brain MattersA quick vox pop I did for Alzheimer’s Australia (and watch to the very end when I chime in again!!)

 How to: Scientist to Science Writer.

Ready to hang up your lab coat and enter the world of science, health and medical communications? But not really sure what the options are and what steps you should take next?

I’m thrilled to offer my one-to-one ‘Scientist to Communicator’ training days for scientists, academics or health professionals interested in a career in health, medical or science communications.

I’ve mentored numerous scientists and other health professionals over the last five years as they’ve transitioned from the world of academia or research into the world of science communications, medical writing, freelance journalism, pharma and not-for-profit consultancy.

Click here to view this unique way of working one-on-one with me.


 Writing & Consulting

I provide medical writing and consulting to the medical, research and healthcare industry.

Clients include ABC Active MemoryA5MBayerAVANT,  Cancer AustraliaCure for Life Foundation (now Cure Brain Cancer), Enhansen PerformanceEzisoundDiscovery AustraliaGarvan Institute, GHG Australia,  McCannPartizanPublicis Life BrandsReed ElsevierSaatchi Health, SodaStream, VIVA! CommunicationsZest Health Strategies, and others.

You can find much more about my medical writing services over at my other website:  www.sarahmckay.com.au

Want to read some of my articles on the brain?

 Whether I’m speaking or writing … I tell impeccably-researched evidence-based stories in a simple, fun and compelling way.



Contact me directly, or visit my medical writing website www.sarahmckay.com.au where you can view my services and portfolio.

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