Why neuroscience matters

In this video I share with you a little more about who I am, and my ‘Why‘. I’ll tell you how I met and fell in love with all things ‘brain’, a little about my PhD research (summed up in three words: ‘Nature, Nurture & Neuroplasticity’), and how I ended up living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches sharing my love and knowledge about neuroscience!

I’ll also share with you:

  • How I use neuroscience to create a flourishing life for myself and my family, and how you can use findings from brain science, neuroplasticity research, mind-body medicine and positive psychology in your life and work.
  • Why I believe everyone in the coaching, education and wellness industries should have a clear understanding of how the brain works.
  • I bust three commonly held neuro-myths. Believe these and you’re doing yourself and your clients or patient a huge disservice.
  • Finally I share with you why I was compelled to create The Neuroscience Academy.



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