The Women’s Brain Book / Demystifying the Female Brain


I’ve written a book! Just one book. It may appear that I’ve written two, but, we’re publishing the same book under two different titles in Australia and the UK.

In Australia and New Zealand, the book will be published by Hachette Australia under the title The Women’s Brain Book. The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness.

In the UK, it will be published by Orion Publishing and titled ‘Demystifying the Female Brain. A neuroscientist explores health hormones and happiness’.

Coming to all good bookshelves in AUS/NZ on March 27th, 2018, and in the UK in July 2018.




4 Responses to The Women’s Brain Book / Demystifying the Female Brain

  1. I do hope you will make this available in the USA. I was unable to access the digital edition from my location and, if possible, I would prefer the paperback! Best of luck to you, I am delighted you have chosen to publish..

    • Hold tight Shelley, we’re still two months away from launching here in Australia, so the e-book might not yet be available everywhere. I’m delighted the publisher chose to publish me!

  2. Can’t wait for this Sarah! Particularly for my beautiful daughter who is soon to embark on teenage-hood. (And for my forthcoming menopause and ageing brain :-/) Thank you for writing this important book!!

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